Wednesday, August 31, 2011

September 1st Will See This Heavenly Alignment Begin To Manifest In The Natural


*   September 1 will see this heavenly alignment begin to manifest in the natural. Many of you that have been waiting for the open doors, have been waiting for the breakthroughs, have been waiting for the release, have been waiting for the manifestation of My promises in your lives, and each time you prayed, you continued to hear Me say ‘declare for the time is now, the hour has come’ but nothing manifested in the natural.

*   SEPTEMBER is a new morning. September will usher forth the morning in many of your lives. What I have been speaking to many of you about for so many months, that was accomplished in the heavenlies and decreed in the heavenlies is now about to MANIFEST in September.

*   September will be a month of SUDDENLIES.

*  Sudden provision.Sudden breakthroughs.Sudden prophetic word fulfilments.Sudden positioning.Sudden release.Sudden healing.Sudden life change.Sudden divine connections.Sudden signs and wonders.Sudden encounters with My heart.Sudden glimpses of My Glory.Sudden manifestations of the heavenly realm in your midsts.

*   September will be full of surprises for many of you My people. Those of you that have been holding on to My promises through the dark night that endured, NOW you shall be propelled into the September of surprises and suddenlies.

*   I am doing a new thing, behold, it will spring forth in many of your lives in September. This is the moment many of you have been waiting for. September will re-instill hope in many of you, September will see refreshment, restoration and renewal come to many of you. September will My Spirit do all of these things and more in your lives.

*  The heavenly alignment will be made manifest in the natural. The acceleration and what I have been planning behind the scenes in many of your lives will be made known. Testimonies will erupt all around the earth as My wonderous work is revealed in many of your lives.

*   The suddenlies that I am releasing in September, will see the world begin to take notice of My Glorious ways through many of your lives.

*   Stay deep in the secret place My people, as I lead you up the mountain in this September moment, stay close to My heart, for it is knowing Me and My heart above all, following My promptings and listening to My voice that will keep you grounded in this season of release My people.

*   September My people, is the PLATFORM that will establish the foundation for the future. New things will GROW from the manifestations and suddenlies I will bring forth in September in many of your lives, and for many years to come will you My people and others speak of the suddenly September that I brought into many of your lives, that changed your lives and saw My Glory made manifest in My Church and people’s lives at a level that was never even dreamed of.


Suddenly September has arrived. Scribe:  Lana Vawser

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Blog Talk Radio Interview with Kathryn East

Just got done with a two hour blogtalkradio interview with Kathryn East on her program "Preach Like Paul". It was a total blast!
To listen to the interview follow this link: Really looking forward to being on "Preach Like Paul" again in the future! Well done, Kathryn! "Preach Like Paul" is broadcast live every Tuesday night at 7PM CST on the website. Tune in for a real blessing as she interviews top notch ministers from all over the world!
The day after: We just wanted to share that we were so blessed to have the opportunity to minister to those of you who were on the "Preach Like Paul" program last night. We could really feel the heart of the Lord for you. Know that the Lord is for you, not against you and that His hand is upon you in the midst of what ever it is that you're going through in this season.

God is raising up a land of Goshen for His people! Remember what I said, don't allow yourself to come under the assignments of unbelief and depression that's been released against the body of Christ in this hour.

New Omega Ministries Blog Site

For some time now, we've been considering putting together a blog for Omega Ministries that can be seen and read by all. With social networking sites and e-mail, this kind of unlimited exposure is virtually impossible to accomplish.
We hope that it will inspire you, minister to you, and yes, even maybe mess with (challenge) your theology a bit. Be warned, you might even be offended from time to time (although that isn't our intent), but hopefully you'll recover. It will also be a place where we can communicate our views and thoughts concerning current events and social issues through a biblical perspective.

Omega Ministries