Saturday, June 23, 2012

To Speak Or Not to Speak?

For the Christian, is it better to keep quiet about the injustices in our society when we see them, or should we speak out against them? After having been berated by an acquaintance of mine for being outspoken about what is currently taking place in the political and societal landscape of the United States, I’ve realized just how divided many in the church are on the subject of whether we should speak out or stay silent.

Maybe because I am a direct blood descendant of Thomas Stone who signed the Declaration of Independence for the State of Maryland, and the explorer Meriwether Lewis of the Lewis & Clark expeditions is in my family lineage, I feel stronger than some about this subject and what I see happening within this nation that was founded upon Godly principles in the pursuit of liberty from tyranny.

Unfortunately, political correctness has crept not only into Washington DC, but into the church to the point of compromising our ability to stand up for what is right and true. What used to be clearly right and wrong, ethical and unethical, is all of the sudden a big “grey area” with no clear line of demarcation. We, who call ourselves Christians, have allowed ourselves to be weakened to the point that now we are afraid of offending, afraid of what others will think of us when we should stand up and make our voices heard for what is true and right. We’re now in a place where we’re too willing to lay down our convictions in the name of acceptance and so called "love." This so called "love" is nothing more that mercy run amok.

What many don’t understand, is when Jesus said, "Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God." What He was actually saying if you research it, "Blessed are the confronters . . . "  I think what many of us don’t understand is that in order to have the peace of God and the order of God whether it be in an a nation or a household, there has to be confrontation with the truth first. Light must confront darkness; truth must confront error. Backing away from and avoiding confrontation is not the answer. In no way will truth ever prevail if we, who are supposed to be defending it, retreat and remain silent. Wherever there is the lack of or absence of light, there is automatically the presence of darkness. How can we be the light to the world as the Bible commands us to be and yet hide that light behind political correctness, or in the name of being a "nice" Christian?

But aren’t we supposed to "turn the other cheek" as Jesus taught? In Bible times a strike to the cheek was considered an action of insult, Jesus wasn’t telling us to be complacent door mats inviting evil and corruption to rule over us.

I’ve even heard some say, "Well, the truth will stand for it’s self." Oh, really? Then what happened when Adolf Hitler started the 2nd World War? Did righteousness just up and topple him and his regime one day, or was it those who were willing to lay down their lives for the sake of truth and righteousness that brought about his defeat and ultimately the end of the 2nd World War? Did righteousness just rise it’s head one day and topple the genocidal regime of Saddam Hussein. No, it was those who were willing to lay down their lives for the sake of righteousness and justice; they are the ones who brought an end to the genocide in the nation of Iraq.

Friends, this isn’t the time to be a "nice" Christian, nor is it the time to be politically correct (not that it ever is). Nor is it the time to allow the Light that’s within us to be compromised in the name of acceptance or not wanting to be offensive. Jesus himself knew when to take a stand when He drove the money changers out of the temple with a whip! Instead this is the time to stand up and be counted for what’s right, for what true and honorable. We can pray in our “holy huddles” all we want, but unless we are willing to put our feet to where our prayers are, nothing will change for the better, and evil and corruption will not take a back seat unless it’s forced to. This is the time to get the very ideas of "nice" and "menial" out of our heads and hearts and be willing for once to confront.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

When The Promise Tarries Part 3

We are continuing with the discussion of the process. As I said before, the process can be a painful one at times however the end result is always well worth it as the Lord does His work in us.

We also need to remember that we must contend for what God has promised. Don't let the enemy come in and steal your dreams, aspirations and vision. Just as Joseph in the Old Testament had to contend through great difficulty and trial for what God had promised him, so must we. We are in the time and season when the enemy is making every attempt to delay and thwart the fulfillment of God's promises. At this time prayer and warfare are a must to press for the break throughs to break out of where we've been and to break into the manifestation of His promises.

No longer can we just sit back and wait . . . this is the hour we must rise up in the enemy's face without fear and rightfully take what is ours (Matthew 11:12). As Israel had to drive out the inhabitants of Canaan when they went to posses the land, we must drive out the squatters that have been illegally inhabiting the ground that's destined for us. How is this done? Through prayer, prophecy and even fasting maybe, if that is what's required.

Remember what you've been promised, and if the enemy has been stealing from you and causing delay, then rise up in a holy indignation (yes, with an attitude), and take possession.