Sunday, April 15, 2012

When The Promise Tarries Part 2

We are continuing with the subject of preparation, the promise may not only involve personal preparation such as education or preparation of the heart, and things being worked out of us and worked into us so that we are properly prepared, but there may also be the preparation of other people who are to be involved in the manifestation of the promise. In the case of ministry, there is not only the preparation of the vessel, but also the preparation of the message within the vessel, and then the preparation of the ones who are ordained to recieve the message from that vessel to carry it to other places.

Years ago in the 80's I and others we're recieving a "word" that wasn't to be released until 20 years later into the body of Christ. Had I and others not waited until the right time to release it, it would have been a word out of season, which means, it wouldn't have been received, and the maturity would not have been there both in the vessels to minister the word in the proper way nor in the vessels who were to recieve it in a proper way.

You know that word that keeps getting prophesied over you, yet there seems to be no fullfillment? Perhaps you've said to yourself or others out of frustration, "If I get that word one more time, I'm gonna scream!". There may be a principle at work that you haven't thought of. In order for the prophetic word to come to fulfillment sometimes there must be "mass and momentum" built up behind it so that it can break out of the spirit realm into manifestation in the natural realm. How does mass and momentum build? When it involves prophecy, it comes through the prophetic word being repeated and released over and over. Even in the case of Jesus, it was prophesied numerous times before He showed up on the earth. God will do this not only for the purpose of the "mass and momentum" effect, but also because His word must be established. As the prophetic word is released repeatedly, it's also being established in the heavenly realm and in this earth realm.

Sometimes there are things that must be worked into and out of our lives and character before we can qualify to enter into the promise. Qualities such as endurance, patience, maturity, restoration and stability may need to be worked into us while impatience, immaturity, wounds and instability may need to be worked out of us. In order for these things to be worked into and out of us we must go through the process. The process is never easy, and most try to avoid it at all cost because it is uncomfortable and can even be painful.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Call

By Misty Hodges

"Choose me this day," I heard the Lord say, I answered “Lord I choose you, what do I do?" I went into a vision and the Lord showed me the ministry He had for me. It was new and exciting, learning to hear God, going to Bible school-- so much zeal and passion for the new things to come. The drive to help people and see them come into the fullness of the Lord completely healed and delivered.

The Pharisees and Sadducees come along and deliver a big blow to my zeal and passion with their laws and legalism. I get the wind knocked out of me, but I keep going. New ministry opportunities come along and people are being set free. I am still full of passion, but the Pharisees and Sadducees come and again they deliver another blow. This time it hurts a little more, but I manage to pick myself up and start again. I notice my zeal is not as strong as it once was, but I keep going. Ministry begins to happen, signs, miracles and wonders follow me, things are going well.

The Pharisees and Sadducees come again in force like a mob to beat me down and persecuted me; they ask me, "Just who do you think you are, doing these things? Who gave you permission?" I find myself wanting to stop and retreat, if just for a moment, but I keep going with less zeal and less passion, but because of love I continue.

I choose to get up, the fields are white and ready for harvest. Something within me is compelling me to continue. God moves through me in mighty ways. Power and authority flow through me and people are ready to receive from me and seek me out to mentor them.

Again the Pharisees and Sadducees rise up and start throwing big stones with their words and legalism. They walk away, there I am, left bloody and nearly dead. I lift up my eyes to the Lord and I say, "Lord forgive them for they know not what they do," and I lie there wanting to die; no zeal left --no passion left --there's nothing left in me to rise again. The Lord Himself comes, touches my wounds to heal them and He says, "Go." Through the tears, I say, "Lord, how can I? There's nothing left in me, the zeal and the passion --it's all gone. I cannot, Lord." Something inside of me begins to stir and rattle within my heart and bones. I am strengthened to get up once more. This time it feels different, much different. I know I cannot do it on my own, only the Lord through me. Filled with mighty power from on high, full of His Spirit, the zeal and passion are back! I go forth in power and authority in the Lord.

The Pharisees and Sadducees once again show up and I close my eyes, ready for the inevitable onslaught and attack. I stand there, waiting for the pain and anguish to return, but to my amazement, I find they no longer have power over me. It's the Lord's strength in me and not my own. When I open my eyes, I discover I've passed right through the midst of those who wanted to kill me. They stand there watching me as I rise up to the highest levels, just me and Jesus, nothing else matters.

I exhort you this day, run to Jesus, allow Him to heal you of your brokenness, your shattered visions and dreams. There are so many wonderful things He has in store. Jesus is waiting for you.