Monday, July 1, 2013

Omega Ministries To Start A New Ministry Group In Denton Texas

On Saturday July 13th Omega Ministries will be hosting their first ministry group meeting in The Denton TX area. The meetings will be on an ongoing basis on Saturdays starting at 8 pm (the meetings will dismiss at a decent hour). Some of the subjects that are on the table to be covered will include:

  • Identifying true prophetic ministries
  • Identifying true apostolic apostolic ministries
  • How to identify your ministry related calling
  • Identifying ministry anointings
  • Prophetic training
  • Effective ministry in the marketplace
  • Developing and maintaining healthy relationships
  • Getting free of your past
  • Breaking glass ceilings
  • How to enter into the flow of blessing
  • Personal goal setting and accomplishing goals
  • How to turn your personal finances around
  • How to enter into the flow of the miraculous
For those of you in the DFW/Denton area who are interested in attending, you can contact us on our Facebook page (Omega Ministries) or by emailing us at

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